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Private In-Home Training

GoodDog! Training LLC, offers private in-home training lessons in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.
We specialize in training for puppies, adolescent dogs, and toy breeds, and more advanced training for a Canine Good Citizen title and Therapy Dog work - click here for more info and fees.  Our training focuses on building a strong relationship and bond of trust and love between you and your dog.  We use humane and modern methods and equipment to help facilitate the behaviors you want.
With private in-home training, you will get a head-start learning the fastest and most effective way to teach your dog  Using contemporary, reward based training teaches your puppy how to be the best family pet possible.  It is important to learn how to effectively train and communicate with your puppy in order to build a healthy, loving relationship together. 

Private lessons in your home are the most conducive environment for you and your puppy to learn, with the least amount of distractions and stress. It is also where you spend most of your time interacting with your dog. Additionally, all of your questions can be answered, and a customized training program can be developed to meet you and your dogs's needs.

Many behavioral problems can be avoided with reward-based training, and appropriate management. We use contemporary training and solutions for your dog that are recommended by the most highly regarded canine trainers and behaviorists in the country.

Romeo and Orso

How It Works
Training Sessions are designed to teach you how to teach your puppy to get the behaviors you want.

•Please fill out the brief intake form and email it to me.  I will send you a questionnaire to fill out and return to me prior to our appointment. This will give me information to prepare for our session.

•At the first appointment we'll discuss training and needs for your dog and your lifestyle.  I will develop a training plan specifically designed for you and your dog.

•Training and management recommendations will be agreed upon.  I will show you how to work with your dog to get the desired behaviors and we will practice it together so that you will be able to successfully put it into effect.

You will receive a GoodDog! Training LLC booklet with training directions and behavior articles for your specific needs.

If you have questions, need advice, or want suggestions, you can contact me by email or phone for support prior to our follow-up.

•If necessary we will follow-up by email or phone after a week to discuss progress, future recommendations, and to schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

Fees for Private In-Home Puppy Training

Initial 1½ hour appointment: $175  
Follow-Up Package: $360
• 4 one-hour lessons
After the initial 1½ hour appointment, owners may purchase follow-up lessons in discounted packages of 4 one-hour lessons. 

•  $360 discounted price is in consideration of a one-time payment at the first lesson.
•  The 4 one-hour lessons are to be completed within 6 weeks. 



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